The vineyards are located in a privileged area enabling Constant control of the growth of vines and grapes, with the supervision of the Patriarch Laurindo Brandelli. Don Laurindo vineyards are located in a region suitable for the growth of European varieties of fine grapes: Vale dos Vinhedos situated in Serra Gaucha.

Its geography is much like the one in northern Italy, region with valleys and mountains. The first vineyards, with ordinary seeding, date back to 1889 and began to be replaced in the 1970's with vinifera varieties. The microclimate features temperatures below 0°C during winter, so the grapevine remains dormant.

Moreover, the heat in the summer with constant sunlight is extremely favorable to the production of sound ripe grapes wih low acidity, aromatic complexity, color and high content of natural sugar. The strength provided by the fertile soil is controlled through open pruning so that bunches receive more sunlight.